Friday 19 October 2012

Double Bill at the Arts Theatre, London

I was invited to attend the West End premier of Double Bill at the Arts Theatre yesterday evening. The play (as the name suggests!) is made up of two separate plays inspired by Shakespeare's works. The first is Shakespeare's Queens: She-Wolves and Serpents and the second is The Madness of King Lear.

Shakespeare's Queens centres on Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots involved in a posthumous argument as to who had the better style of rule. They enlist Shakespeare to help provide the answer, taking the audience on a journey through the queens in his plays. The play was amusing and the cast excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was particularly interesting to see the portrayal of Margaret of Anjou, whom I featured in my first book, She-Wolves as 'Shakespeare's She-Wolf'.

The Madness of King Lear was completely different in tone and took the audience on a journey into King Lear's mind. The play was interesting, providing a new interpretation of King Lear and, once again, the cast was excellent.

I would certainly recommend Double Bill, which will be at the Arts Theatre until 3 November.

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