Tuesday 23 July 2013

The Second Anne Boleyn

Just another quick post to let you know that my article on the second Anne Boleyn is now available over at the Anne Boleyn Files website:


The article follows on from my piece on Anne Hoo Boleyn (the first Anne Boleyn). The second Anne was her daughter, Anne Boleyn Heydon, who was the great-aunt of Queen Anne Boleyn. Anne Boleyn Heydon spent much of her life in Norfolk, where the Boleyn family originated. She was a wealthy woman and her Will, which is very detailed, provides a great deal of information about her life and the structure of her family and household.

You can also read more about Anne Boleyn Heydon, and all the other Boleyn women, in my new book - Boleyn Women - which has just been published. I'm expecting my copies of the book from the publisher on Friday!

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