Friday 14 March 2014

A Worthy Womman Al Hyr Lyve

Issue 3 of the Discover Your Ancestors bookazine is now available (and will be for the next year). You can buy a copy at WH Smiths or online at

I wrote an article on the lives of medieval women for the bookazine ('A Worthy Womman Al Hyr Lyve'), which aims to bring women of the period out of the shadows, as well as giving ideas for sources that can help you learn more about women's lives. Did you know, for instance, that a married woman had no legal status and could own no property or goods? Also, find out why the fourteenth century French knight, Geoffrey de la Tour Landry sat down to write a 'self-help' book to teach young girls how to be virtuous. Women make up fifty per cent of the population and, although often less visible than men in the medieval period, it is still possible to learn about their lives.

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