Monday 17 March 2014

Oscar Best Picture Challenge: Rain Man (1988)

For the next film in the Oscar Best Picture winners challenge we moved forward several decades to 1988's Rain Man. The film, starring Tom Cruise as selfish and shallow Charlie and Dustin Hoffman as his brother, the autistic Raymond, is a real classic. It presents a journey of self-discovery for Charlie as he and the brother that he had forgotten he even had take a road trip towards California.

Rain Man is set when it was made - in the 1980s. As such, the technology is fascinating. I loved the Sony Watchman portable TV! It was a serious departure from Wings, which we watched the previous week. I enjoyed both films, although for different reasons. Both are very much of their times and Rain Man, as the more recent, seems more relevant today. I was thinking about ranking the Oscar winning films. It's obviously a very personal thing and everyone will have a different hierarchy. So far, for me, it is Rain Man first and then Wings. I think, for me, Rain Man will eventually be very high up the ranking!

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