Sunday 13 October 2013

A Royal Birth Announcement

Edward VI's birth, on 12 October 1537, was the last birth in the English royal family for more than sixty years. As Edward's mother, Jane Seymour was responsible for announcing the royal birth. Official announcements had already been prepared and were sent out as she began to recuperate from the long labour. Here's one of the announcements:

'Right trusty and wellbeloved, we greet you well, and for as much as by the inestimable goodness and grace of Almighty God, we be delivered and brought in childbed of a prince, conceived in most lawful matrimony between my lord the king’s majesty and us, doubting not but that for the love and affection which you bear unto us and to the commonwealth of this realm, the knowledge thereof should be joyous and glad tidings unto you, we have thought good to certify you of the same. To the intent you might not only render unto God condign thanks and prayers for so great a benefit but also continually pray for the long continuance and preservation of the same here in this life to the honour of God, joy and pleasure of my lord the king and us, and the universal weal, quiet and tranquillity of this whole realm’

This is one of the few surviving letters written by Jane who, by 13 October 1537, had less than two weeks left to live...

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